Base Rate is 30 dollars for 30 mins. Make your visions come to life with 1/3 photographers on the Kanapathi Creations Team - A, K, G


For every additional 30 minutes, we charge 10 dollars. 

Props: Included - let us know beforehand - it will be handmade and if you want you may keep them as mementos or as keepsakes. 

Location: Whereever you please 

Theme: Please tell us your vision and we will try our best to make it a reality 


Thank you. 



Photo Shoot - 30MINS

  • - please brainstorm a few ideas or look up some spots you would like your photos to taken at. 


  • Please inform us about a cancellation 24 hours beforehand. Cancellations on the day of the shoot means you will have to pay a 15 dollar fee. So, I recommend you let us know as soon as possible 



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